Friday, September 25, 2020

When political affiliation doesn't matter

 Gloria Scott, 72, has lived alone in her home in Woburn, Massachusetts, for over ten years. She has little money for maintenance, so she only calls for help in emergencies. Recently she called electrician John Kinney when sparks began shooting out of a light fixture. He realized it was the least of her problems. "There were holes in the ceiling, raccoons were getting in," he said. Her kitchen sink was broken so she only turned the water supply on every few days to flush toilets. Kinney knew Scott needed help, but she would never ask for it. So....

He came back the following Monday and began working for free. In order to make all needed fixes, he needed more people. He started a fundraiser page called "Nice old lady needs help," and within 24 hours, people donated $3,500. Since then, the total has topped $100,000. These donations paid skilled professionals to work on the house, but volunteers also showed up with donated materials. And local restaurants sent over meals! Scott's whole life has changed. According to Kinney, "She's warmed up to everybody. She's so happy. She has all types of new friends. She's out there making lunch for us, laughing and joking. It's a miracle to witness."

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