Saturday, September 26, 2020

The ultimate birthday party!

 Wolfgang Reader is just three years old. He lives in Toronto, Canada, and his friends call him Wolfy. His obsession is garbage trucks and the men who drive them. He has his own fleet of toy garbage trucks to play with. Friday is his favorite day of the week. That's when the garbage truck comes past his house. With the pandemic lockdown, his parents knew they could not give him a big party. They told him to invite a few friends, and he insisted it be the men who collect his garbage.

Since his birthday fell on Wednesday, his mom doubted the men would come, but his grandmother wrote to the City of Toronto saying Wolfy thought garbage men were superheroes. On the morning of September 9, four bright green garbage trucks, horns honking, rolled up the street to the delight of the birthday boy. His mom said, "The men came bearing gifts, howling out their windows and even took time to play with Wolfy. He even got to honk the horn! Does it get any better?"

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