Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Dogs are man (and woman's) best friend

Gwendola Johnson, 88, of Glendale, California, is forever grateful to her dog Sandy. On July 10, Johnson walked out the front door of her home and fell on the ground. "I didn't really hurt myself," she said, "but I couldn't get up." As she lay on the ground, she saw Kirk White of Glendale Integrated Waste Management. He was walking up her driveway, pulling her trash cans. "When I saw him, I said to Sandy, 'you go get him,' so he did" said Johnson.

Security footage from Johnson's home shows Sandy rushing quickly to White and barking at him. White said, "The way he was barking, like, I have something to show you, come follow me this way, indicated something was wrong." Sandy then led White right back to Johnson and White helped her up and made sure she was not injured.

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