Sunday, July 19, 2020

Another reason not to defund the police?

The police department in Sterling Heights, Michigan, posted dash-cam video on it's Facebook page. Officer Cameron Maciejewski is seen on July 9 rushing to a call concerning a 3-year-old who isn't breathing. When he arrives, he's surrounded by panicked family members. He calmly reassures them before asking for the baby. He realizes something is caught in her airway so he performs a few back thrusts before the baby starts crying. The baby's mother falls to the ground  in relief.

The baby was turned over to the Sterling Heights Fire Department who took her to the hospital for evaluation. The police department said, "If it was not for Officer Maiejewski's quick, calm, life saving actions, the result of this incident could have been tragically different." The officer attributes quick thinking and calmness to his training. He explains, "If I start freaking or if I can't handle myself or handle my cool, it just escalates everything for the family."

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