Friday, June 5, 2020

South Korea sends masks to the Navajo Nation

When the government of South Korea realized that the Navajo Nation in the United States was suffering the same pandemic infection rates as New York City, it shipped them 10,000 masks and other PPE in gratitude for their service 70 years ago. During the Korean War, about 800 Navajo used their native language as an unbreakable code for radio messages, securing 100% secrecy around any military movements by the United States. South Koreans have never forgotten this.

According to the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans affairs in South Korea, about 130 of these "Code Talkers" are still alive today. Korea hopes its gifts will console the veterans in the midst of the pandemic. Spokesman Kim Eun-gi said, "The government remembers those who made a noble sacrifice to defend a strange country 70 years ago, and we hope they will proudly tell their posterity about the choice they made so many years ago."

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