Saturday, June 27, 2020

Grandson runs 218 miles to see Nana

Corey Cappelloni is an endurance athlete. He lives in Washington, D.C. His grandmother, Ruth Andres, 98, lives in a nursing home in Scranton, Pennsylvania. She was sick with COVID-19 but is recovering. Instead of driving to Scranton to see her, he decided to run and raise money for the nursing home where she lives.

The run took him seven days. When he arrived he could only see Nana through a window, but called her on a cellphone. The call was broadcast on public speakers so everyone could hear it. He told her, "Nana, you're a strong person. You're going on 99, and you still have many more miles." She put a sign in her window that said, "I love you, Corey." By the end of the run, he had exceeded his goal of raising $22,000 for the nursing home.

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