Thursday, June 11, 2020

A crumb from England

More than 45 homeless have been staying at upmarket Fownes Hotel in Worcester, England, since pandemic restrictions were put in place in March. The 60-room hotel, which normally charges guests up to $200/night, opted to stay open to provide shelter to people living on the streets. The three hotel bars have been closed and no alcohol is permitted on the hotel grounds.

48-year-old Peter Swinbourne, homeless for 25 years, said the hotel "saved" him. "I have never slept in a double bed before," he said, "This is a five-star hotel putting up homeless people." 55-year-old Terence Marriott has been staying at the hotel for six weeks. He said, "The food is excellent. I feel a lot healthier than when I came in." Hotel management has been maintained by a skeleton crew of 11 people while 15 staff have been furloughed.

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