Saturday, March 9, 2019

You want fries with that? And a side order of joy?

Art Mason lives near Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is planning to retire, again. He used to work in a factory, and when he was about 60 he retired. But he needed something to do, and his local McDonalds didn't have enough people. So the manager asked if he'd fill in for a few weeks, and he agreed.

                                                                                                              Boyd Hulppert, KARE
After a few weeks, he agreed to work a few more weeks, and now he's been at the drive-thru window for 29 years, because he says he's "a people person." He's outlasted every other employee, plus all the managers and even the original owners. People love him, and one brought him a scarf recently so he'd be warm when the window is open. He says he doesn't want to retire so young, but it's finally time. His last day is May 10, which is also his 89th birthday.

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