Monday, March 25, 2019

Hank can eat all the shoes he wants

Today's crumb includes no city or state, but it was shared by a trusted reader in Indiana. It's about a dog named Hank, seen below. Six years ago, when he was still a puppy, Hank ate a pair of his owner's shoes, but he made up for it on March 23, and now he can eat as many shoes as he wants.

Everyone in the family was in bed asleep on March 23 except Hank's owner, who stayed up late on the couch to finish watching a movie. Suddenly Hank began barking in the next room and would not stop. When his owner tried to quiet the dog, he looked outside and noticed his yard was glowing orange. A wooden work shed containing paint and gasoline was on fire. "We got everyone up; 911 on the line; the whole family and both dogs out front in a matter of seconds. Our neighbor's shed went up like a torch," he said, but firefighters arrived quickly and put the fire out. Except for one charred wall, Hank's house was not damaged, and nobody was hurt. "Hank saved so many lives that night," said his owner, "and he can have all the shoes he wants -- or steaks!"

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