Saturday, March 23, 2019

What? No waffle fries?

According to Noblesville, Indiana, police, a cow escaped from transport trailer and enjoyed a night on the town this month. The busy bovine roamed the streets, while the person responsible for the cow was trying to capture him. Police finally received an animal complaint near the corner of Tegler Drive and Bergen Boulevard.

After roaming near the Koto Japanese Steak House, the cow apparently saw the word "steak" and led officers across a busy street while walking toward a safe haven -- a Chick-fil-a restaurant, where ads show cows urging people to eat more chicken. Officers finally wrangled the cow after a one-hour chase, and it was returned to its owner without any waffle fries. The police department said on Facebook that "NPD was able to 'run with the bulls last night.'"

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