Friday, March 22, 2019

The American dream is still possible

A 17-year-old student in Jersey City, New Jersey, has already been accepted by 17 (that's seventeen!) different colleges, which is unusual because he's been homeless on and off since he was young. His name is Dylan Chidick. He came to the United States from Trinidad with his mom when he was seven, but he's a U.S. citizen now.

Even though his family has been homeless several times since he was young, he still managed to make it into the National Honor Society, and he's also president of his class at high school. He says his mom's courage is what inspires him to work so hard. He's determined to lift his family up so they don't need to struggle so much. He's still waiting to hear back from The College of New Jersey, near Trenton. It's his top choice, because it's close to his mom. He will major in political science.

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