Monday, October 8, 2018

Javier is VERY popular at school

Javier Amos, 9, lives in Watertown, South Dakota. He has bravely battled lukemia and and is now in remission. Even though he's on the road to recovery, the Make-a-Wish Foundation approached his family and offered to grant any wish he wanted. He could meet his favorite athlete, or go to Disney World. But instead, he asked for a pizza party for all his school friends.

Last month, the Make-a-Wish people showed up at his school. And they didn't just bring pizza. They threw everyone a huge pizza party with included zoo animals, bounce houses and laser tag. Javier got to ride to school in a police car, and when he showed up, everyone was waiting for him, chanting his name. The head of the Make-a-Wish Foundation said he'd never seen anything quite like it, and yes, Javier is pretty popular at school these days.

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