Monday, October 22, 2018

A landmark victory for civility!

In Lamoille County, Vermont, with fall colors at their peak, Lucy Rogers and Zac Mayo are running against each other for a state House seat. He's a Republican. She's a Democrat. Both have visited, or plan to visit, all 2,000+  homes in the district before the mid-term election. They both want to win in the worst way.

                                                                                                             Lucy Rogers, CBS News
Recently they debated the issues at a town library. He wants less government. She's concerned about healthcare. But at the end, something strange happened. They asked for a few extra minutes and rearranged some furniture. Then they sat down and played a duet. A Democrat and a Republican united in perfect harmony. Almost everyone in the audience wiped away a tear. And now in northern Vermont it's not unusual to see homes with signs for BOTH candidates in the yard. No matter who is elected, the winner is civility.

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  1. Yay! True harmony in practice. What a great election they will have.