Monday, October 29, 2018

Children understand Halloween

Emily and Richie Bolusky live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They love Halloween. But they know that the Halloween costumes kids love to wear can be expensive. A few years ago, a child showed up on their doorstep trick-or-treating without a costume. She said her parents could not afford one.

That gave the Bolusky's 9-year-old daughter an idea. She quickly got an old costume she wanted to give away to the girl. And the rest is history. In 2016 the family set up a free costume shop in their driveway, where any kid could pick up a costume for free. They gave out about 150 costumes that year, including some they bought and some that were donated. Last year they gave away about 175 costumes, and this year they have FIVE HUNDRED available.

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