Tuesday, January 16, 2018

"Young love, true love"

The rock and roll classic "Young Love" was #1 on the charts for six weeks in 1957, and apparently it was really true! Here's proof. When Heidi was just six years old and living with her parents in London, England, her family went on vacation to a resort in Turkey. The whole time they were there, little Heidi was obsessed with another six-year-old resort guest named Ed. His family visited the resort exactly the same days as Heidi's family. That was in 1997.

Last summer, a 26-year-old couple named Ed and Heidi Savitt got married after dating about six years. They believed they first met in college, but two years ago while having dinner with their mothers, Heidi's mom mentioned a boy named Ed that Heidi fell hard for during a childhood vacation to Turkey. Two weeks later, Heidi's mom was going through old photos in the attic and found a few from their 1997 vacation which confirmed that it was the same Ed! Even though they grew up 200 miles apart, they just happened to meet again in college and fall in love. Coincidence? Or destiny? In either case, it proves that rock and roll is here to stay.

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