Friday, January 12, 2018

Vikings must win playoffs for Millie!

When the Minnesota Vikings meet the Saints for the division playoffs Sunday, January 14, Millie will be watching from the sidelines. Millie Wall of Minneapolis is 99 years old, and has been a huge Vikings fan since their first season in 1961. She even has a foam brick that she throws at her TV when they are not playing well. (She tied a string to it so she doesn't have to keep walking over to get it.) She's watched them in four Super Bowls and never seen them win, but she's hoping this is their year.

Last Monday, 30 members of her large family dropped in and surprised her with a letter from the Vikings. It said they've set aside two FREE seats for her and her guest. She's been to a few Viking games before, but never the playoffs. She's giving her granddaughter the other ticket, and the Vikings are sending a limo to take them to the game.  Go Vikings!

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