Monday, January 8, 2018

Can Santa and Jesus work together?

Andie lives in Bedford, Indiana. She's five years old, and they were not easy years. During her first four years, she was shuffled in and out of more than a dozen households until she moved in with Nikki and Greg West. "We fell in love with Andie when we first met her," said Nikki, but adoption is a long process, so Andie prayed. She told Jesus she only wanted two things, a forever family and a kitten. When her birthday passed without an answer from Jesus, she prayed again and told him it was okay. She knew he was busy healing people. But could He tell Santa before Christmas?

                                                                                                                 Nikki and Greg West
(Now is the time to find a tissue.) Days before Christmas, the Wests learned the state had approved their adoption request, so they hatched a plan. On Dec. 21, the family's Christmas elf was found with a note. Andie asked her Mom to read it. It said the family should put on nice clothes and go to a special address for two surprises. The GPS eventually took them to the Lawrence County Courthouse. Andie was still clutching the note when she hurried in and saw Santa in a chair next to a Christmas tree. She rushed to hug him and gave him her note. He took her hand and walked her into a courtroom, where she sat down as he approached Judge Andrea McCord and whispered to her. The judge turned to Andie and said Santa said she had been very good for a long time, and only had two wishes. "Is that what you really want?" she asked. "Yes!" said Andie firmly. So the judge pronounced her "Andie West" and Santa gave her a necklace with her new name on it. After restoring order, she read a letter from the Martin County animal shelter saying a very special kitten had arrived from the North Pole and was waiting to be adopted. The Wests drove to the the shelter, where Andie claimed guardianship of Fuzzy.

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  1. Bullshit this is andie really mother and I have all my children but her and the judge here has no idea about andie I won my case andie father gave her up and I fought and won here in my home town they secretly stole Andie and I got evidence if your ready for a story of ur life