Friday, August 11, 2017

Who were the good samaritans??

Traffic was slow on I-24 westbound in Johnson County, Illinois. on Friday, August 4. Eight vehicles had come to a stop or were moving slowly due to construction, when a semi-tractor-trailer hit the rear of the eighth car and caused a violent chain reaction. The truck driver said he must have fallen asleep. Police reported that "a team of good samaritans" pulled all occupants from burning vehicles. But who were these good samaritans??

They were music executives from the Oswald Entertainment Group, riding motorcycles from South Dakota to Illinois for a bike rally, when they came upon the accident. The motorcyclists, two of whom used to work as EMTs, stopped immediately. They called 911; assembled onlookers, and started pulling drivers out of damaged vehicles. After rescuing a family of six from an SUV, cyclists found a woman totally trapped inside her crumpled car. "I knew it was going to blow up," said Marc Oswald. That's 100%. It just hadn't blown up yet. It smelled like acid and black smoke." When they failed to get her out, the bikers DRAGGED HER WHOLE CAR to a safe spot on the median. Seconds later, the other wrecked vehicles burst into flames. "The fact that nobody died is a miracle," said one samaritan.

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