Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Twenty flower girls and boys

Marielle Slagel Keller teachers both kindergarten and first grade at Butler Lab School, part of the Indianapolis, Indiana, public school system. This year, her first grade class has a summer memory they will never forget.  Keller got married a few weeks ago. She said that, when it came time to pick a flower girl and ring bearer, the only children who came to mind were her class.

                                                                                                           Cory and Jackie Photography
So she invited her entire class to be flower girls and boys at her wedding. All twenty children walked down the aisle wearing all white, and carrying garland. For some of them, it was the first wedding they ever attended. "They mean the world to me," said Keller. "The kids and their families were part of the whole wedding process. They are a huge part of who I am." Because Keller teaches both kindergarten and first grade, her flower girls and boys from last year's kindergarten will have her for a teacher again this year, in first grade. But they won't just be her students. They'll be her children.

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