Saturday, August 12, 2017

Pilot "fathers" child traveling alone

In July, 5-year-old Aisley Schatz of Orlando, Florida, went to visit her grandparents in California. She flew home unaccompanied on Southwest Airlines, which allows children as young as five to fly alone if no transfers are involved. But when they arrived in Omaha, Aisley said she was hungry.

Captain Wes Huston was piloting the plane, and he's the father of two boys. When he heard Aisley was hungry, his daddy instincts kicked in. He left the plane and went to the food court at Eppley Airfield and bought chicken strips and potato wedges for her at KFC. "That is always a sure hit," he said. One flight attendant provided her personal cell phone so Aisley could make a video call to her mom. It was the first time Aisley flew on a plane by herself, and her mom said it felt good to know the crew treated her like she was their own daughter. The picture above was taken after the plane landed safely in Orlando.

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