Thursday, August 24, 2017

Carrot grows around engagement ring

Mary Grams, 84, lives near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Back in September, 2004, she was pulling a weed on her family farm when her engagement ring slipped off her finger. She had it since 1951, the year before she married her husband, Norman. After looking for it "high and low on our hands and knees," she quietly replaced it so Norman would never know she lost it. He never did.

                                                                                                            Iva Harberg
Norman died five years ago, after the couple's 60th wedding anniversary. Since then, she's moved away from the farm, which has been in the family for 105 years, but her children still keep a garden there. Recently, her daughter-in-law, Colleen Daley, was harvesting the garden and pulled a carrot from the ground. It was encircled by the long lost wedding ring. Grams looks forward to putting it back on. "I'm going to wear it because it still fits," she said.

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