Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Strangers form human chain to save others from rip tide

Today's crumb was spotted by an alert reader in Peru, Indiana. It happened Saturday, July 8, at Panama City Beach, Florida. Roberta Ursrey and her family were enjoying fun in the sun when she heard her children screaming that they were stuck far out in the water. Roberta and her family swam out to save the children, but the rip current was strong and now eight were trapped. "Oh, God," she thought, "this is how I'm going." And she might have been right, except for Jessica Simmons.

                                                                                                            Jessica Simmons/Facebook
"These people are not drowning today," Jessica decided. "We're going to get them out," so she and her husband Derek started a chain gang in an effort to reach the Ursrey family and pull them to safety. The chain started with only five beachgoers. Then it grew to 15, and finally it expanded until 80 strangers extended it 100 yards and reached stranded family. "Without them, we would not be here," said Ursrey. "It was the human chain that pulled us out of the water. God's good grace, and them, is the reason we're here today"

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