Thursday, July 13, 2017

Gardening for her community

Debbra Ardnt lives in O'Fallon, Missouri, not far from St. Louis. Her mother abandoned her and her siblings at an orphange when Debbra was four years old. She grew up in and out of foster homes, and was on her own by age 16. She has never forgotten how it feels to be hungry, So about 20 years ago, she and her husband started a garden to feed the hungry. After he died, she continued their mission.

"It give me a burst of energy inside my heart," she says. "It gives me a purpose." She delivers free food to about 40 different people every week, along with hot meals. And she brings more than just food to her elderly friends. "I let them know that someone cares," she says, "because a lot of these people don't have anyone. Some don't have any other food, but our elders are very proud. They are not going to tell you that they don't have food." Ardnt also makes pickles and jams from her harvest, and sells those to make money for the garden. She also sells paintings, and hopes her work will inspire others.

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