Monday, July 3, 2017

Abused boy adopted by police officer

It happened in Poteau, Oklahoma. In April, 2015, Patrolman Jody Thompson responded to a 911 call about child abuse. According to the Poteau Police Department Facebook page, an 8-year-old boy named John had been bound by his hands and feet with rope and had been submerged in a trash can and held in the shower. "(His parents) weren't feeding him. He was covered in bruises from head to toe," said Patrolman Thompson, who took John to the hospital and stayed with him in the ICU while he recovered.
                                                                                         Poteau Police Department
Thompson and his wife then adopted John, who is now ten years old. He has become a straight-A student in the gifted and talented program at his school. Asked what his new dad means to him, John answers quickly, "He's the reason why I'm here right now."

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