Sunday, July 2, 2017

LSU baseball dad saves the day

Jared Poche, a 22-year-old senior at Louisiana State University, pitched the final game of the College World Series last week. LSU ended up losing to Florida, but Jared now has other things on his mind. He was recently drafted by the Oakland A's.  Jared's dad, Jerry who is a family physician, was at game one of the series to watch his son pitch,when another LSU fan came to him and said, "Doc, we've got somebody in trouble over here."

An 86-year-old LSU fan in the stands collapsed during the sixth inning. He had suffered a heart attack. Jerry Poche found the man had no pulse and was not breathing, so he instinctively started administering chest compressions. Meanwhile, another LSU dad named Jimmy Roy did mouth-to-mouth. They kept it up for about five minutes, and brought the man back to life. By the time paramedics got there, the man was stable. A few days later, he was in the hospital in fair condition, and expected to recover. So it was a win for LSU, despite the score.

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