Saturday, January 28, 2017

Restaurant owner turns a lemon into lemonade

Last October, a faulty water heater ignited a fire in the back room of the historic El Moro Spirits and Tavern in Durango, Colorado. After complete repairs it now looks as good a new, and reopened this month.

                                                                               EL MORO SPIRITS AND TAVERN/FACEBOOK
What happened to the restaurant's 42 employees during the repairs? Did they file for unemployment? No. Restaurant management continued paying employees their full wages as long as they volunteered for local charities, with the promise they'd return to their normal jobs when the restaurant reopened. One employee volunteered at a day program for adults with development disorders. Others helped the San Juan Mountains Association with their largest fund-raiser, a Christmas tree sale. Others volunteered at the La Plata Humane Society, and the Sexual Assault Services Organization. "I definitely feel we were well taken care of and we're more of a family now," said wine director Sarah Moxam.

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