Thursday, January 5, 2017

80-year-olds hike over 2,000 miles!

Elrose Couric and Sue Hollinger are 80-year-old identical twins.  They've always been outdoor people. "Our mother told us we've been running around since we were nine months old," says Couric. After being apart nearly 30 years, they are both are now widows and live together in Florida.

                                                                                                                                Courtesy Photo
Their hike along the Appalachian Trail began in 1998 with a few friends, but eventually almost all their fellow hikers dropped out, so they decided to finish the trail on their own. Hollinger said she kept going to "spend as much time as possible with my sister. Even if we didn't finish, we wanted to start...". Their 18-year quest was finally finished last July 7. They were exhausted, but felt invigorated. "The last week of our hike, our grandchildren hiked with us," Hollinger said. "They were really into it." The twins plan to set another goal. "We'll continue hiking," said Couric, "if we're able to get up from the couch."

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