Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"He just yanked me right out of there."

Audrey Berndt, 40, often accompanies her husband Kevin Wiseman, in case something goes wrong when he grooms trails for a snowmobile club in west Quebec, Canada. Something went terribly wrong last Wednesday. Kevin steered the snowcat out of the bush onto what he thought was a field, but it was actually snow-covered McMullin Lake, near Val-des-Monts. The snowcat plunged through the ice and sank 12 feet before hitting the bottom. The cab began filling with frigid water, and doors and windows would not open, so Kevin used his head as a battering ram to smash the windshield.

He quickly surfaced, but found his wife was still trapped below the ice in the cab. At that moment, Audrey took two gulps and said, "This is how I am going to die." Twice, Kevin dove back down to the snowcat, but couldn't find Audrey before he ran out of air. Then he dove a third time. "Something in my head said, 'You are going back under. You're staying there, if you don't have your wife.'" As he dove the third time, Audrey moved to his seat in the cab. "I felt his hand, and he just pulled me right out of there," she said. The next day, as they enjoyed the warmth of their Buckingham home, Audrey wept and hugged her husband of 15 years. "I call him my hero," she said. "If not for him, I would not be here."

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