Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mayor saves woman from burning house

Gary Stevenson is mayor of Paulsboro, New Jersey. But before that, for 12 years, he was the town's fire chief. A few days ago, he was on his way to Trenton to hear Governor Chris Christie's state of the state address when he saw white smoke over a house. As he approached, he noticed flames.

The mayor pulled over at the house and found the doors locked, so he started pounding on them. Someone told him there might be a woman inside. She was a shift worker and was still asleep, until his banging woke her up. He got her out, and then he and others checked the entire house to see if anyone else was inside. He said fire crews came quickly, but it made him realize how long it SEEMS to take, to people at an actual fire. The mayor thanked firemen for their hard work in frigid weather.

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