Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lifetime of love began on a double-decker bus

Ken Morgan is 82 years young and well remembers the day he met his wife Shirley. He was riding down Rt. 1 in Cardiff, Wales, on a red and white double-decker bus. It was 1956, and the sweetest girl he ever saw was the bus conductress. She took his ticket that day, and his heart. The two married in 1959, and he resigned from the Royal Air Force so he could work with her on the bus.

                                                                                                                       Wales News Service
Fifty years later, Ken tracked down one of the vehicles through a collector who had saved it from the scrapyard. After a year of restoration, it looks like new. Shirley and Ken drive it on long, nostalgic rides through the United Kingdom, and to classic car shows. "It took us right back down memory lane to the days we first met," says Ken. Shirley agrees, adding, "I still have my original conductress badge and wear it with as much pride as my wedding ring."

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