Thursday, September 22, 2016

4-year-old delivers gifts in Barbie car

A few days ago in Hudsonville, Michigan, four-year-old Becca VanZyll learned that some neighbors down the street lost everything in a house fire. She didn't know the Walker-Vu family who owned the burned out house, but she knew they had three little girls like her. When she heard that goods were being collected for the family, she decided to deliver her own gifts to them, in her Barbie Mustang.

Helped by her older brothers, she packed her car full of all the presents that had been purchased for her for her birthday and Christmas. Becca wanted to do everything in her power to help, even if it meant giving up her presents. "She kept wanting to add more," said her mom, Jackie VanZyll. "I was happy she was willing to do that."

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