Saturday, September 3, 2016

It's Labor Day in the USA

Like most of us, you labor pretty hard all year. Does all your unselfish work really matter? Does it make the world a better place? How can you be sure?  Here's a clue. A tourist visiting Amsterdam was deeply inspired by sweet chimes filling the air with melody. He told his host, "I would like to see how the music is made!" The next day, the tourist was admitted to the chimer's room in the bell tower where a musician played the bells by pressing stiff old wooden handles. In this room the tourist could hear no music, but only the thump and clatter of the handles. The music floated out upon the city from the bell tower, but the thumping and banging of the handles was necessary to make it. The chimer himself could not hear the sweet tones he made.

Sometimes you and I can hear only the thumping and clatter of the wooden handles as we labor through life, and we wonder if we're doing any good.  But those in the streets below hear the music we make and are inspired. And that's not all. God and His angels hear the sweet tones in heaven, and if we are faithful, our music floats into eternity, where no note is ever lost. Happy Labor Day. Keep chiming!

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