Sunday, September 18, 2016

Another crumb from a reader in Redlands, California

Earlier this month, John Badial of Vacaville, CA, accidentally left his billfold on top of his car. He was cruising down Interstate 80 when he hit a bump, glanced in the mirror, and saw everything fall out of his wallet and hit ground in the highway median. Soon afterward, California Highway Patrolman James Morrell received a call to investigate a man crawling on the highway median on his hands and knees. At first, it sounded suspicious.

Officer Morrell found John Badial crawling on the median, looking for the contents of his wallet. It held $200 and his family lives paycheck-to-paycheck. Since they could not find the money, officer Morrell took Badial to a gas station so Badial could fill up his tank. The officer saw a cash machine nearby and withdrew $60 and gave it to Badial. Morrell said he became a highway patrolman because he likes to help people. Badial was very thankful, He said, "He doesn't know me from Adam." Today the two men are friends.

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