Monday, August 22, 2016

Thanking a reader near Raleigh for this crumb

It happened at the Wendy's restaurant on Goodman Road in W. Horn Lake, Mississippi. DeSoto County Sheriff's sergeant David McCoy saw a man standing outside. The man was down on his luck, and hungry, so McCoy walked him inside and offered to buy him lunch. Wendy's management refused let the deputy pay. They insisted on paying for the poor man's meal. McCoy sat down and had lunch with the stranger. He was Dan Williams, 57. He had no money or phone and had been hitching rides from Ohio to be with family in Monroe, Louisiana. McCoy wanted to help, so he and three other deputies pitched in to buy Williams an $89.00 bus ticket home, plus $60 for food and necessities.

                                                                                          DeSoto County Sheriff's Department
Sergeant McCoy remembered that Williams broke down and cried as he was dropping him off at the bus station in nearby Memphis, TN. Williams looked at McCoy and told him, "Out of all the people that reached out to help me in my time of need, it was the cops. Thank you!"

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