Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mother goose asks for police assistance

Today's crumb was submitted by a faithful reader in Columbus, Indiana. Sergeant James Givens of the Cincinnati Police Department was sitting in his cruiser in a park eating a bagel when he heard a strange tapping on his driver's door. He looked outside and saw a mother goose tapping the door with her beak. He gave her a piece of bagel, but the goose was not hungry. She just kept tapping, and then walked away toward a pond, and paused to look back as if to say, "follow me." So Sgt. Givens did follow the goose and soon found one of her goslings tangled up in the string of a balloon.

Concerned the protective mother goose might attack him if he touched the gosling who needed help, Givens radioed for back-up, and a female officer spent three minutes untangling the string from around the gosling while the mother goose watched calmly. As soon as the gosling was free, it rejoined its mother and siblings and they all walked away, honking. Describing the other officer, Givens said she has kids of her own and the motherly instinct must have kicked in "because it was like they communicated. The mother goose didn't bother her."

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