Monday, August 15, 2016

A crumb from a reader in Indianapolis, Indiana

Eric Comfort's favorite restaurant in Marietta, Georgia, is Chick-fil-A. He eats there often, but was blown away by something he saw at the restaurant last Veteran's Day. Beside serving veterans and their families free that day, the Chick-fil-A at Woodlawn Square set up a Missing Man Table. Comfort took this photo with his phone and uploaded it to Facebook, where it went viral.

The plaque on the table says, "This table is reserved to honor our missing comrades in arms. The table cloth is white, symbolizing the purity of their motives when answering the call of duty. The single red rose reminds us of the life of each of the missing, and the loved ones and friends who keep the faith, awaiting answers. The vase is tied with a red ribbon, symbol of our continued determination to account for our missing. A pinch of salt symbolizes the tears endured by the missing and their families who seek answers. The Bible represents the strength gained through faith to sustain those lost from our country. The glass is inverted, to symbolize their inability to share this evening's toast. Their chair is empty -- they are missing."

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