Saturday, August 13, 2016

92-year-old husband sings to his wife

Harvey and Mildred Wosika (shown below) were married in 1966. Harvey was already retired two years from the military, and Mildred worked at Harvey's brother's cafe. Both were divorced, and their children introduced the two, but in hindsight, Mildred believes "God brought us together. We just seemed to hit it off. Our kids got along together very well." Now fast forward 50 years.

Between them, they have 11 children, 35 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren. They celebrated their golden anniversary August 7 with 150 friends and family at the Newkirk Senior Citizens Center in Oklahoma. After half-a-century together, Harvey had a surprise for Mildred. He dropped to one knee and sang her, "Let me call you sweetheart." Harvey thought it would be a good way to show Mildred he appreciates her. "He's a good man," she said. "He's been a good husband and father to our kids. I can't complain." Their only daughter, Dawn McDonald, made a video of her Dad singing to her Mom. If you have a tissue handy, you can watch and listen to him sing by clicking on

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