Sunday, June 12, 2016

Remember your last water fight?

On Tuesday, May 31, firemen in West Fargo, North Dakota were called to a deck fire in an apartment unit on Fifth Street West. En route, fire fighters received bad news and good news. They were notified that the occupant of the apartment was on home oxygen and could not leave the apartment or put out the fire, but some neighbors helped extinguish the flames. Naturally the fireman assumed the helpful neighbors were adults.

When they arrived, firemen found the remains of a planter that had ignited. The flames had extended into the siding and wood decking near the planter, but the fire was out, thanks to five neighbor kids who are students at Aurora Elementary School. Three of the kids live in the same apartment complex as the fire victim, and two more had joined them for a water fight outside the building. As soon as they smelled the smoke, they found the fire, alerted the occupant, and then used their water guns to control the blaze. "They had some super soakers, so they had some pretty good range," said Fire Chief Daniel Fuller, adding that the kids quick thinking and actions saved the building from extensive damage and may have saved the life of the apartment's occupant.

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