Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ice cream unity

Nura Takkish, 22, was enjoying ice cream with two of her friends at Andrew's Ice Cream and Dessert in Orange County, CA, on May 23 when she heard a ruckus at the counter. A customer was saying "nasty things" about Muslims when the baker, Jessie Noah, asked him to leave. "You can give somebody else your business," she said, returning his money.

Takkish posted the incident online to show how widespread anti-Muslim sentiment has become and because she and her friends were proud of the store owners' response. Malaak Ammari, 21, who recorded the incident, has experienced bigotry in the past but never before felt defended. In gratitude, the Council for American-Islamic Relations asked residents to come to the shop and buy ice cream as a token of appreciation.

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