Monday, June 6, 2016

Fifth grader thanks his teachers

Beginning last October, fifth-grader Cody Dortch of Edmond, Oklahoma, began hoarding money. He did odd jobs for neighbors; stashed his Christmas and birthday money, and would not tell why. He had a secret plan to thank all his elementary school teachers as he prepared to move up to middle school. He wanted to take them all to dinner.

It took Cody six months to raise the $200 needed to treat his teachers to a special night out. He bought each teacher a rose, sent them invitations, and made a speech at the restaurant explaining that dinner was on him.  "Such an honor and privilege to have had Cody in my class," said teacher Andrea Brousseau. "He's such a light, and his parents are to be applauded too."  Cody's mom said, "These ladies did not just teach my child. They helped raise him to become who he is today."

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