Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Football is more than a score, even if you win.

On May 27, Ross Jeffeaux carried the football for Riverside High School in Greer, NC. He ran 70 yards for the clinching touchdown, but the play was about more than points. Ross, who is autistic, has been the team manager for three years. "Ross has been such an inspiration to a lot of people," said coach Phil Smith. You can't say enough about what a big help he's been. To see the love our guys have for Ross is really special." Ross has never played in a game, and only players and the coach knew of plans to get him involved midway through the fourth quarter on May 27. As his friends suited him up in a blue uniform, he kept asking, "Are you serious? Are you serious?"

                                                                                                                     Jim Fair
With two minutes left, a timeout was called and Ross was inserted at running back. The quarterback took the snap and handed the ball to Ross. Ross ran very fast, covering 70 yards with his best friend Will Garrett, and it was an emotional journey. Garrett was actually tearing up, and when they reached the end zone, the rest of the team ran onto the field to join them. Ross was interviewed on the spot. Later at home, he watched the game tape over and over, and his parents sent it to all his family and friends.

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