Thursday, March 12, 2015

The secret to beauty and good health

There is now evidence that people who spread a little kindness are happier, healthier and more attractive than those who get caught up in "me, and what is going on in my life." Steven W. Cole, a professor of medicine at UCLA, conducted a study which found that our genes can tell the difference between a kindness-driven life and a shallower one. Researchers in China discovered the existence of a "halo effect" where subjects are considered more attractive to others if they show positive personality traits, like being kind.

Clinical psychologist Jo Lambie of Sydney, Australia, explains how doing random acts of kindness can make you happy. She says, "Being kind lowers stress levels, which means less cortisol running through our system, lower blood pressure, better sleep and stronger immune systems. Forget fame and fortune," she urges. "Try being altruistic. It's a win-win situation. Helping a friend or being kind to a stranger makes them feel and good and you feel even better."

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