Monday, March 23, 2015

A lesson from Henrietta

Today's crumb is adapted from an article by Fred Bauer in the September 2005 issue of Guideposts.

Finally the people helping restore my 1931 Model A Ford -- Henrietta by name -- finished their work, and I hauled her home on a big red trailer. This deluxe two-door sedan had a new roof, new upholstery, new floor covering, new door panels, new chrome door and window handles, a new engine block, a new radiator, and to top it off, a new forest green paint job with black fenders and apple green wire wheels.

I couldn't wait to take the kids and grandkids for a spin in my prize. They'd heard me brag about this gem in engineering and styling. When the time came, I stepped on the starter and prepared to give them a thrill, but the motor wouldn't start. The battery was charged, but something was amiss. I called an expert who said the car was not adequately grounded. After sanding the battery posts and replacing the cables, the car started and my family got a ride they will not soon forget.

What's the moral of my story? If I asked my wife, she'd say, "Pride goeth before a fall." But I see more application to the car's grounding problem. When I became detached from my heavenly Father and became a cocksure prodigal, thinking I could act on my own, I learned the folly of not staying in touch with the One who promised to direct my path. We all need to be spiritually grounded, well-connected to our Power Source. Otherwise, like Henrietta, we may do a lot of sputtering but not go anywhere.

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