Monday, March 9, 2015

"I put all my faith in God," says 101-year-old man

If you live long enough, the Belmont Restaurant in Manchester, NH, will pay you to eat breakfast. Birthday breakfasts are reduced by a percentage, depending on your age. If you're 50, the tab is reduced 50%. If you're 70, you get 70% off. Last week, Joseph Nelson celebrated his 101st birthday by ordering scrambled eggs, ham, coffee and chocolate cake (with a birthday candle in it). The tab came to $7.00, so he was refunded one percent, or seven cents.

How did he grow old enough for a breakfast refund? Nelson told reporters, "I put all my faith in God and I think that all of my life, every decision I've made in my 100 years, I think God made it for me."

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