Thursday, March 5, 2015

A daily taste of hope and kindness

Today's crumb comes from an alert reader in Plymouth, IN, USA. 

Mason Wartman gave up a desk job on Wall Street to open Rosa's Fresh Pizza, a dollar-a-slice pizza parlor in Philadelphia, PA, the "city of brother love." Business was predictable until the day a customer told him about a policy at many coffee houses in Italy. Caffe sospeso (suspended coffee) let customers pre-pay cups of java for less fortunate folks. The customer suggested Wartman try this policy at Rosa's. Wartman accepted $1 pre-payment for a slice of pizza and put a Post-it note on the wall which a needy person could use to "buy" a slice. He also told other customers about the new policy, and it grew rapidly. 

Soon the walls of his restaurant were covered with Post-it notes, each worth one slice of fresh pizza for any homeless person. Pre-purchased slices are now 10% of Wartman's business, and the community feels the impact. Homeless customers have told him the generosity of strangers helps them avoid committing petty crimes to get money for food. Hear about it first-hand from Wartman and some of his homeless customers by visiting

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