Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Valentine anniversary

Back in July, 2013, TV audiences were introduced to Lee and Morty Kaufman. Lee, a retired first-grade teacher, was offered Swiffer products to keep her home clean, and demonstrated them on TV with her husband, a retired pharmacist. But how did Lee and Morty, both in their 90s, get hired as Swiffer spokesmen? Morty's daughter Myra knew a casting director seeking an "older, more mature couple" for TV ads. Myra suggested her Mom and Dad. They were interviewed and hired. "It really fell in our laps," recalls Lee. "Quite an exciting event in our lives." Since the commercials ran, Lee and Morty have been contacted by many long-lost friends. "I had a young man work for me when he was 12," says Morty. "He's 81 now and he called and we were rehashing old times."

Morty and Lee Kaufman

But Swiffer got more than it bargained for in Lee and Morty. Not only did they help promote the brand. They also became famous as examples of true love. Both were widowed in their ealry 40s, with three children each. Morty's son Scott enrolled in summer school after first grade, and Lee was his teacher. When Morty arrived at a parent-teacher conference. it was love at first sight. They decided to marry on Valentine's Day, and this week they'll celebrate their 46th anniversary. Both still keep busy with family activities and volunteering. "My full-time job is adoring my wife," says Morty. If you'd like to visit their home and hear them explain what makes marriage happy, visit

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