Saturday, February 14, 2015

A new tie, packaged in kindness

Today's post was submitted by a faithful reader in Redlands, CA, who hoped it might "qualify as as crumb." It surely does.

North Carolina teenager Yasir Moore was prepping for his first job interview last week, hoping to land a job at Chick-Fil-A.  He had a suit to wear, and visited a Target store to buy a clip-on tie. The store didn't sell clip-ons, but when Target employees Cathy Scott and Dennis Roberts learned why he wanted one, they helped him select a real necktie and then taught him how to tie it properly. They helped him tuck in his shirt; showed him how to shake hands firmly, and reminded him to look the interviewer straight in the eye when greeting him. They even asked Moore a few practical interview questions. Shopper Audrey Mark noticed how store employees were encouraging Moore. She took a photo to share on Target's Facebook page and it went viral. As Moore left the store, other store employees started shouting, "Good luck. You're going to do great!"

After his first interview, Moore and his mother returned to Target to thank the employees who helped him. "They could have just sold my son a tie," his Mom said, "but they treated my son with dignity and respect."

A few days later, Moore got the job at Chick-Fil-A after a three-stage interview process. Chic-Fil-A owner/operator David Langston said his store hires about one person from every hundred they interview.

"As soon as I get my first pay check, I will thank the Target workers with a gift," Moore promised.

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