Tuesday, October 7, 2014

You should see the view from up here!

When we moved to Bloomington, Indiana, our realtor was Bob Millican. He found us our dream condo, but he was more than a businessman. He was kind to everybody, including the less fortunate. One of his friends said Bob "represented the All-American guy, one of the nicest people you're ever going to meet." Ever since his early days as a special ed teacher, Bob had been a fierce competitor. He seldom lost a game of tennis or basketball. He also loved to fish. Friend Lynn Houser remembered Bob as the ideal fishing buddy. "He'd hook the boat to his truck, pick you up, take you to the lake, put the boat in the water, find where the fish were biting, adjust your line to the correct depth and then smile as you caught your fill. Then he'd clean the fish for you."

Houser said he was "hurting" the day Bob passed away in 2004. He wasn't alone. I conducted Bob's memorial service, and every seat in the large hall was filled, with overflow mourners standing quietly outside the doors. We all tried to look on the bright side, and Bob lent us a hand.  I don't recall any rain, but the evening Bob left us an incredible double-rainbow spanned the sky over Bloomington. It was so astonishing that traffic stopped as drivers got out their cars to see it better. KMart shoppers heard an invitation on the PA system to leave the store and go outside to see the rainbow. Many did, standing in the parking lot to watch the brilliant colors. Lynn Houser knew what it meant. He told me, "That's a gift from Bob. His way of saying, "It's all right, fellas. You should see the view from up here!  I know I'll see him again, over the rainbow."

Some folks believe there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A little girl growing up on a farm in the midwest could see her Grandma's farmhouse a mile away through the kitchen window. One day she noticed a rainbow in the sky. It appeared to end right on top of her Grandmother's home!  So she called to let her know the good news. Click this link to see a one-minute video of her precious call.

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