Sunday, October 26, 2014

A ghost story for Halloween

Many years ago a friend shared this true story. His daughter, only about six, refused to sleep in her bedroom with the door closed. He and his wife assumed she was afraid of the dark, but she said she wasn't. Then why must her door remain open all night, letting in light from the hall? She explained there was a scary ghost in her room that only appeared after the door was shut. Seeing it frightened her, but it never appeared if her door was open.

Her Dad assured her ghosts are unreal, so they can't hurt anyone. She could stop worrying and relax and go to sleep. But his explanation didn't help. As soon as he left the room and shut the door, she saw the ghost again and called for help.

Finally he came back and asked her exactly where the ghost was in her room. She told him to come inside and shut the door, and she'd show him. After the door was closed, she pointed to a spot near the corner and said "I see the ghost right over there." So her Dad walked over and stood exactly where she saw the ghost. That ended her fear! All night she slept peacefully with the door shut.

The next morning she told her Mom why she wasn't afraid anymore. "When I saw Dad standing where the ghost seemed to be, I knew Dad was real, so the ghost couldn't be."

If a scary ghost of sorrow or worry or loneliness keeps us awake at night, let's tell our Father about it. If we wait, never doubting, we'll soon see His presence exactly where the ghost appears. And we'll know that because He's real, the ghost can't be.   Happy Halloween!

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