Sunday, March 24, 2019

Troublesome dog adopted

Pete Buchman has worked in construction since graduating from high school, but when he lost his job in 2014 he was unable to pay the rent on his apartment and had to move into a tent. He enjoyed it for a while, but it was hard on his 9-year-old dog Buster. So Buchman brought Buster to Faithful Friends Animal Society in Wilmington, North Carolina, and found a homeless shelter up the road for himself. Buchman would walk five miles every day to see Buster, and began volunteering at the shelter, walking other dogs for two or three hours each day.

After national news mentioned Buchman's story, a local man give him a truck for free. Transitional Housing gave him six months free rent at a nearby apartment complex. A fire security company offered him a job, which he still has, and folks from around the world donated over $39,000. But Buchman never stopped volunteering at the shelter, even after his beloved Buster died. Soon the shelter asked a favor. Would he consider fostering a troublesome dog named Matteo who barked at everything and hated women? His answer was "yes." He had bonded with the dog during long walks and took him home for a weekend. Before long he adopted Matteo, and since then the dog has stopped hating women, and only barks when Buchman starts the vacuum cleaner.

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